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Say Hello to the latest addition at TCY Pilates, Gosforth ...

Introducing the Pilates Arc Barrel

The Arc Barrel is a versatile piece of equipment which Joseph Pilates, who enjoyed his beer, apparently developed from cutting a beer barrel in half and upholstering.  This specialized equipment enhances a Pilates routine increasing the challenge of some mat work exercises whilst providing valuable support for others.

Why use the Arc Barrel in your Pilates practise?:

Core Strengthening:  The unique shape of the Arc Barrel allows for targeted engagement of the core muscles, helping to strengthen the abdominals, obliques and back.

Improved Posture:  Say goodbye to slouching!  Lengthen, strengthen and improve general posture with the Arc Barrel. It helps to open up the front of the body and restore the spines natural curves, promoting overall spinal health.

Enhanced Flexibility:  the Arc Barrel supports a wide range of motion, helping you reach improved levels of stretch and mobility, whilst challenging your stability and balance.

Improved Body Awareness:  Working with the Arc Barrel heightens body awareness with focus on precision of movement and muscle engagement.  This mindfulness can extend beyond the class, positively influencing daily activities and movement patterns.

New classes start at TCY Pilates at the Urban Angel Centre in February. Please contact Lesley at for further details.

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