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TCY Pilates Gosforth
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"You are only as young as your spine is flexible"
Joseph Pilates

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TCY Pilates Gosforth

Beginners / Back to the Studio

Designed for those clients who are new to Pilates or have not done Pilates for a while. These classes introduce the basic principles of Pilates, looking in detail at the standard mat exercises with focus on technique, alignment, the breath, and precision of movement.

TCY Pilates Gosforth

Mixed Ability

This class is intended for clients, who have some experience of Pilates but who want to move at a slightly slower pace in order to focus on technique and precision of movement. The class, as the name suggests, is targeted at clients of different abilities and various progressions are offered throughout the class to match the individual. Various small equipment are also used to add resistance or assistance to the exercise.

TCY Pilates Gosforth


This next level class is intended for those clients with a few years Pilates experience. This is a faster flowing class, looking at the Intermediate Pilates repertoire focussed on improving stamina and strength. Again, various Pilates props are used to add resistance and increase the challenge of various exercises. 

TCY Pilates Ball

Pilates on The Ball

As above, this class is targeted at clients who have some Pilates experience who want to add further challenge to their mat work.  The gym ball is a great piece of versatile equipment using the instability of the ball to work the deep stabilising muscles by challenging the body’s balance and control.  You will feel the core working that little bit harder!  The Ball is also great to help with alignment and plus, working from its raised surface, changes the range of movement in many standard mat exercises increasing the challenge on joint mobility. 

PIlates Gosforth

BARRE Pilates

A dynamic class which combines the core strength, control and precision of Pilates, with the positions, moves and technique of Ballet.  This class sculpts the muscles whilst burning fat, improving balance, strength and stamina.

A class typically starts with a warm-up, followed by a session at the BARRE.  We then move to the mat for some Core work, finishing the class with a Cool-Down and some dynamic stretching exercises.


A great work-out for the whole body!

If you love Pilates and Dance, this is the ideal class for you! 

TCY Pilates Arc Barrel

Pilates on the Arc Barrel

The Arc Barrel is a versatile piece of Pilates equipment designed to enhance your Pilates practise by increasing the challenge of standard Mat Work exercises whilst providing valuable support for others.  The unique shape of the Barrel allows for targeted engagement of the core muscles, helping to strengthen the abdominals, obliques and back.  It also helps lengthen, strengthen and open up the front of the body promoting overall spinal health and posture.

PIlates Gosforth

HIP (High Intensity Pilates) / Intermediate Fusion

A non-stop, flowing Pilates class aimed at raising the heart rate whilst improving overall functionality, strength, mobility and stamina.  The combination of dynamic energy, faster paced movement together with the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates class will offer a balanced and fun workout for all.  This is a great class to keep the heart strong and healthy and to improve bone health, whilst offering all of the benefits of a traditional Pilates Class.

Private 1-2-1 Sessions also available. Please contact me for further details.

If you have any queries or would like to get in touch, you can contact me here

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