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Discover how small props can benefit your Pilates practise at TCY Pilates this Spring

At TCY Pilates, we use a range of small equipment in class to add both challenge and assistance to Pilates exercises.  We tend to use a different piece of equipment every week, adding variety to the class to challenge your body in different ways.

Let me introduce you to:

The Pilates OverBall:  a versatile piece of small equipment which uses the instability of the ball to work the deep stabilising muscles whilst challenging the body’s balance.

Long Bands & Loop Bands:  Both sets of equipment are used to add resistance and assistance to your Pilates practise.  Strengthen the hips; work the rotator cuff muscles; perfect your legs circles and learn to do a Teaser – all with the aid of the bands. 

The Pilates Arc: a fantastic piece of equipment offering increased challenge for some mat exercises whilst providing valuable support for others. The unique shape of the Arc Barrel allows for targeted engagement of the core muscles helping to strengthen the abdominals, obliques and back.

The Pilates Circle:  sometimes incorrectly named the 'Circle of Doom', the use of the Circle in class, adds resistance to many of the key Pilates exercises, really helping to strengthen, lengthen and tone the whole body.

The Foam Roller: a multi-purpose piece of equipment to really focus on core control and balance.  Whether you lie, kneel, sit or even stand on the Foam Roller, it will provide variety and challenge to your Pilates practise. 

And last but not least Weights and Weighted Balls.  Adding increased load to your Pilates practise helps strengthen, tone and improve bone health, all essential as we age. 

If you would like to find out more about the classes available at TCY Pilates this Spring, please contact Lesley on

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